Questions for… The New Season, Part 1.

Posted: August 2, 2010 by thepremierleagueowl in Analysis
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1. Can Arsenal mount a title challenge?

Probably not. Pre-season friendly tournament or not, the Emirates Cup revealed that the age-old defensive fragility is still sadly alive and well. The obvious lack of a goalkeeper is so blatant that it’s barely worth further comment, but the absence of any real physical presence at centre-back is probably now more concerning. Arsenal fans may point to the summer recruitment, and impressive weekend showing, of Laurent Koscielyn, but for all his ball-playing ability he seems to share the same slight-body frame of… Thomas Vermaelen, who will make up the second half of the pairing this year. The more imposing type of forward - your Kevin Davies’, your Drogbas, all of Stoke etc - could present a lot of problems. For all the flowing football and crisp passing, Arsenal remain a soft-touch… they’re not even close to having the durability of Chelsea, United, possibly Manchester City…or dare we say it, Tottenham.

2. Will Blackpool stay up?

Sadly, obviously not. Aside from the tradition of a newly-promoted side starting well and probably beating Manchester United at home, they will almost certainly be in free-fall by the New Year. Ian Holloway’s attitude towards his venture in the top-flight has parallels with a a day out in Blackpool - have whatever fun you can, but spend as little as possible. The lack of quality available to him serves to enhance his reputation for actually heaving the team up in the first place, but his prudence in the transfer market will be exposed with unimaginable horror for the next nine months.

3. Best summer signing?

Just to be interesting, we’ll say Nikola Zigic. Huge. ‘Crouch-like’ but in a stronger, more awkward, better finisher kind-of-way. Javier Hernandez, or ‘Chicarito’ as he likes to be known, is also a whole lot better than anybody thinks he is.

4. …And the worst?

If it happens, Mario Balotelli’s move to Manchester City. The Expenses Scandal threw-up better uses of money than this would be. Promises to explode and backfire in an utterly hilarious way.

5. Predictable aspects of the season?

Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney and Terry all suddenly re-discovering the form that would have made England less of a laughing stock during the summer. As likely as day becoming night.

Sky Sports showing all of the first six Manchester United games of the season - actually this is already confirmed.

Soccer AM to become even more ‘Geezer TV’ and unwatchable, a five-year downward curve that puts the recession to shame.

Football 365′s mailbox to be crammed week in, week out, with Liverpool fans’ assessment of Roy Hodgson’s signings/tactics/dress-sense/pronunciation issues.

  1. Ketch says:

    he was useless in the world cup, i think who Birmingham other signing will be the best, i think Ben Foster will be great and create a possible international career.

    • thepremierleagueowl says:

      In terms of what has been spent on him, and what he’ll bring to the team - I think he’ll be successful. Remember, we did say ‘to be interesting’. Don’t disagree about Ben Foster, just think that his decision-making isn’t quite good enough yet.

  2. Ketch says:

    Suppose, i just dont think he’ll hit the ground running, i hope he does though, i like Birmingham, and i dont think Alex will sign bad players

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