Slightly irritated by Newcastle’s good start

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Newcastle’s start to the season irritates me a bit.

Let me get this straight, it has nothing to do with the fans or the players - because they do deserve the success that they’re currently enjoying. It’s not even really much to with Alan Pardew.

No, it’s because of Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias.

Everything that Ashley has done since he’s owned the club has been done to benefit himself. Selling players, reducing the wage bill, branding St James’ Park. Mike Ashley is interested in Mike Ashley, that’s it. All of his actions can be traced back to his desire to sell the club for as much money as he can possibly get for it. In a business sense that’s obviously normal, but his philosophies are just too cynical for football. It’s very hard to tolerate.

With that in mind, Newcastle’s start to the season is miraculous. And annoying. Ashley has stumbled into a successful formula with Pardew, and he’s struck gold without ever really mining for it. Any situation in which Ashley or Derek Llambias could potentially receive any credit is one that’s highly-objectionable.

Cash-in on a club’s assets and replace them with cheaper, younger alternatives. Then refuse to reinvest the majority of the surplus back into the club. It’s unforgivable. But he’s got away with it. The stars have aligned, and the players that have arrived have gelled perfectly and are playing without any semblance of fear.

Alan Pardew deserves a lot of credit for what he’s done, but even that doesn’t sit that easily. Pardew was brought to the club because he wouldn’t object too strongly to the Cockney Mafia’s refinancing and meddling, and because he wouldn’t command high-wages. A club the size of Newcastle could easily attract a manager of higher-profile, or even someone that’s actually won something - but they went down the path of least possible resistance. Someone who wouldn’t ruffle too many feathers.

It was a decision predicated on anything but football, but it’s paid off and they’re starting to get undue credit for it. As unreasonable as it may be, that annoys the hell out of me.

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  1. thepremierleagueowl

    I think the crowing from the top of the table is a little premature Toon69, it is still October.

  2. Is that you Joey Barton… well it sounds very much like the little scouser who didn’t get what he wanted & instead of working for it, decided to go for a bigger pay day after all the guff about loyalty…
    As for your pathetic comments about Ashley not deserving credit, yeah maybe not as much as some at the club but if he’d done what some owners have in the past, he could have easily put the Toon into administration when we got relegated but no, instead, he pumped in another £50+m into the club to keep it alive & now yeah, he’s sold off some of our so-called start players & got cheaper versions but you tell me which of those so-called stars players are above us in the league right now.. oh yeah, none of them…. so who’s laughing now fella… lol lol lol

  3. hmmm ….. You may well be correct in some of the things you say. However there is no doubt, which you don’t mention, that Ashley has got the club back on a stable financial footing. A lot of money has been spent on the infrastructure of the club. Undersoil heating for the training pitches to counteract the effects of the harsh NE winters which have decimated training sessions over the last few worsening winters is an example. These things are not obvious (or of real interest) to the media or even a number of supporters who only have the opinion that if marquee signings are not being made then the owner is not interested in the success of the club. Many supporters are coming to realise that sales of the one paced Barton and no paced Nolan and replacing them with cheaper but better, more effective, younger, more skilful and quicker players is not such a bad idea. Actually it’s rather ingenious - what a concept - but of course Ashley’s an idiot (???) I don’t think so. He probably does have an eye on the resale value of the club but he is also undoubtedly aware - maybe increasingly so - that the raised recent profile of a successful NUFC will bring with it a much greater and magnified financial reward. If Ashley’s only vision is a financial killing but with it comes success to my club then I shan’t be complaining too loudly.
    Perhaps your irritation might be better directed towards Man City and their determination to buy instant success rather than investing in youth like Newcastle.

  4. Unsure how you can say he “stumbled onto a successful formula” as he is one of the UK’s top business men and is simply running the club like a business for a change!! If it is true we will break even this year which is a bloody miracle seeing as how we nearly went bankrupt 5 yrs ago!! Pardew has built a team that wants to play and win and you cannot knock him for that surely??

  5. Its called Skill,sometimes luck but mostly working with intuition,instinct,money awareness,thrift,most of all navigation in all weathers.”thats Mike Ashley”

  6. haha. funny enough i share the same sentiments. But we needn’t worry, DL and MA will do something to get us going again soon….i dare say it’ll be no contract for Collo and no players in in January, with one surprising sale (of a star player) as usual. So, i will enjoy what i can until the fat hands go back into the St. James kitty to pay to go to more restaurants where he can strip.

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