Newcastle’s Llambias tries to take the moral highground over Joey Barton. Fails.

Actually I’ve reached my saturation point with Joey Barton. I like him, I like that he’s opinionated, and I like the way he plays the game - but anything that provokes Derek Llambias into making more of a spectacle of himself is a bad thing.

Barton has obviously had his say - many times now - on the way Newcastle is being run, and Llambias publicly responded today to some of the more tasty comments made by the club’s former midfielder.

“In this week of all weeks, we really do not wish to engage in a public war of words with Joey Barton.”

Very good Derek, very dignified - that’s the response of the CEO of a Premier League club. Oh, wait a minute:

“In a week when one of Newcastle United’s most beloved footballers passed away, it is disappointing that once again Joey Barton makes the headlines.

It is also unfortunate that Joey chose to draw such a disparaging comparison between himself and the employees of Sports Direct, who through hard work and dedication are the recipients of the most generous bonus scheme in the UK.

It may not be a lot of money to Joey, but over 2,000 Sports Direct employees earning £20,000 will receive shares worth over £44,000 over the next two years.

Our legal advisors are dealing with the matter now and we would encourage Joey to concentrate on his football at Queens Park Rangers.”

Excellent - that little ‘hearts and minds’ bit about Sportsdirect employees was especially nice.

I’m not so sure about the need for bringing Gary Speed into it though, I can’t say that that comes across as being wholly appropriate.

Here’s an idea. The team are playing brilliantly and they’re currently doing what they can to temper the hate the Newcastle fans feel towards the ownership, so how about you shut up and try and go a week without getting your name in the papers?

Just give it a try Derek.

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