The Sun creating a fuss at Chelsea over AVB/Torres

“ANDRE VILLAS-BOAS warned that Fernando Torres is running out of time to end his Chelsea goal drought.”

Goodness me, that’s a fairly dramatic headline from The Sun, what has Villas-Boas said? Presumably it’s a shocking departure from the support he’s shown his £50m forward so far?

Well no actually…

“The two players are competing for the striking position and we all know the significance of Didier to this team and his record.

“We will have to see how tired he is when he comes back to us but no one can doubt his ambition to win trophies for us this season.

“With Torres, the situation does not change. We still believe in the player but he is taking his time.”

‘Warnings’ to Fernando Torres? None

Mentions of an urgent need for goals to end aforementioned ‘drought’? None

Willful misinterpretation of remarks within a quote? One.

Cracking journalism, as ever.

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  1. typical Sun, Mail, Express etc etc: draw your selected biased conclusion and head line it.

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