Six players whom Tottenham need to shed over the Summer

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Giovani Dos Santos

A haunting reminder of the Damien Comolli days. Quite clearly purchased without anybody making any kind of check on his personality, as he’s never seemed the slightest bit interested in making a contribution.

A strange case, because as reluctant as Harry Redknapp is to play him, Daniel Levy seems equally resistant to selling him. There’s always a Spanish club interested in ‘resurrecting’ his career, so this Summer might just be time to call it quits and send him back from whence he came.

David Bentley

The £17m spent on bringing Bentley back down to London from Blackburn retrospectively looks like one of the worst uses of money in Premier League history. A primadonna party-boy with no sense of positioning, zero workrate, and the haircut of a lesbian.

Nobody in their right mind will pay a fee for Bentley, but it’s most definitely time to chop him out of the wage bill. The archetypal over-hyped English player, maybe Liverpool might want to add to their collection? Buy him a one-way ticket to the MLS, and let us never mention his name again.

Niko Kranjcar

A talented footballer, but one no longer has much use. In an ideal world, having a technically-gifted midfielder who’s capable of winning a game sitting on your bench would be great, but not when the club is evidently struggling for transfer funds and that player still has a resale value.

Jake Livermore

Not good enough, and nor will he ever be to play at the kind of level Tottenham aspire to. The argument could be made that one of the weaknesses of this Spurs’ side is its over-reliance on Scott Parker, which isn’t flatter for the players who deputise for him. No Parker, no security, no backbone, and ultimately no performance.

Livermore wouldn’t get into any of the starting elevens of the league’s top-half, which I suppose says it all - if it really needed saying after his calamitous contribution against Norwich.

William Gallas

An outstanding defender in his day - five years ago. Now seems incapable of staying on the pitch for an entire half without tweaking/pulling/tearing a muscle. The poster-child of Tottenham’s fragile backline.

Heurelho Gomes

Yes, he’s still at the club. A legend in the Eredivisie, a punchline in the Premier League. People forgot his frequently brilliant contributions to the 2009/10 season, and prefer the more slapstick moments associated with the Brazilian. Find a club who are willing to pay a fee, and reclaim some of the £8m outlay - nobody will ever trust him in England again.

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  1. sack the lot starting with levy keep the club cat

  2. Out - Redknap, Livermore, Defoe, VDV, Gomes, Dos Santos, Bently, King, Gallas.

    Livermore - One trick poney, would walk into a lower prem team and look good, but in a top side he is only a back up off the bench when you are down to the last player type … not good enough.
    Defoe - Had his day and cannot produce enough at top level (even if he is our top scorer this yr, look at Pav - he was and he went).
    VDV - when he is good fine, but that is not regular enough, passes too hit and miss, corners never on target or too far over, free kicks, well when he takes one you know it’s just another waste, fed up with waiting for his ‘best’ shots, upsets the balance of the team.
    Redknap - has been found out and shown that he is not ‘truly’ a top four manager (like Hodgeson at Liverpool) … I think Pardew is a much better manager.

    The rest are obvious and should also include the two over the hill Jan signings ..

  3. Cockney Geezer

    Would like to reiterate the words of the majority in saying, “You know nothing about football”. Livermore has been very good this season often having the highest pass completion rate of any player on the pitch when he has played. Moreover to any spurs fans who think he should leave, how often have we had a player come through our academy? not only that but you idiots are probably amongst the same who ask why we haven’t produced anyone in years. He has played an incredible number of times considering he had no previous Premier league experience. This is shite journalism at its best, how about watching the game to develop an opinion. MUG!!

  4. To start with Redknapp followed by kranjar, dos santos, livermore sell modric overratted can’t kick a ball hard enough, corluka and adebayor along with saha and I am sad to say king is finished.

  5. Sorry but King has to be the top of any list. There is no miracle.cure for his knee, for his own sake he needs to retire. I don’t agree about Livermore it Gallas.

  6. Livermore pushed through a perfect pass to Defoe against Norwich - Defoe never had to check his run and it pulled up perfectly for him, allowing him to chip the keeper and score. Rubbish? Don’t think so, that’s what we have been missing for so long. We get to the penalty area and play it out to the wingers (modric and parker do all the time). If we played a bit more directly we might get a few deflections which hit the net instead of crosses the are easily cleared.

  7. Agree with your view on Livermore. Not good enough, can only pass sideways (and barely at that), O’Hara was better at this stage.

  8. Im not keen on livermore and wouldnt mind if he went somewhere else. Top of my list to go would be harry. We need a proper manager with ideas and good training programmes and a winning mentality harry is a loser.

  9. As most have commented, disagree with the the verdict on LIvermore, feel he is the future of our holding midfielder and could become a cross between parker and huddlestone in time.
    The key to our transfers rotates around the ridiculous amount of loan dealings that we have been involved with, best to sell more mature players loaned out (pienaar, corluka, jenas, bentley) but we have plenty of young talent coming back with Caulker, Kyle Naughton (to keep walker on his toes or fill in at LB) and the in-form striker Harry Kane at Millwall who has been exceptional considering his age

    Therefore squad players will be available and funds too after shipping out the dead wood, time to invest in proven quality from around Europe - 2/3 new strikers and couple of centre backs and most importnatly a new keeper (again) as Fridel coming to the end now surely.

    On to the next one!

  10. Honestly, why waste your time writing this crap.
    Livermore is a good player. His workrate has been second to none.

    You are clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

  11. Right I agree with most but Livermore has been a good squad player this season , so what he had a bad day against Norwich (OH well he’s young) So apart from the obvious one’s you’ve shown your lack of knowledge!! Wont be reading again

  12. What you said about livermore was the biggest load of crap i’ve ever heard. I have seen brick walls that talk more sense about football than this. Utter bollocks. That is all.

  13. I can’t agree with much of this. Livermore will make it in my opinion, and should be held onto. Current form means that we could have no European competition at all next year, so having Krancjar as a replacement playmaker for the departing Modric is essential, as we would be unable to attract one of similar status.
    Gomes - yes - he doesn’t want to be here any more, Bentley, yes, again if we can get anyone better, but with Bale gone he could at least supply a decent cross.
    Gallas - no way - King and Nelsen first.

  14. I would sell Luka as soon as possible. No desire. Livermore is NOT Spurs material, although he would get into most teams in the Prem. Harry can go as well. So its Bassong, jenas, corluka, Moddprick, King( feel sad) Bentley(and his lesbian hair) dos Santos,Gomes…And Harry.

  15. David Craddock - Llanelli

    I do not agree with your comments about Livermore, when called upon, I feel he has played well, whilst your comments about the others I agree with apart from William Gallas, who has also responded when called upon.

    The other 4 should go, as well as Jenas and Basson and Corluka.

  16. ….How many times will Modders and Esso and Parker Run all the way to the Opposing teams goal line to then kick the ball at an Opponent and see it fly over his head back to them and here they come again…. and Lenno and Esso and now Van der. seem to kick the ball 3 feet above their waiting team mate….HUH?? ‘arry take the Guys back to the basics again please…….!

  17. Disagree with Livermore - young with great attitude and has been much improved this year, apart from Norwich when he was one of many disappointments.
    My “to go” list would be Gomes, Corluka, Bassong, Jenas, Bentley, Dos Santos, Krancjar.
    Ledley has to retire, regrettably, so bring back Caulker and let Gallas go to USA, China or wherever if he wants. I am ambivalent about Adebayor - keep if price is reasonable, but keep a very open mind about younger, quicker & hungrier alternatives.

  18. Livermore has one poor game and suddenly he has to go despite creating our goal, how pathetic some Spurs fans are.

    He is young and learning his trade at this level and has been a good back up all season.

    Parker is the one who has gone off the boil playing 2 yard passes to centre backs! Defoe scored with his only shot in 90 mins, Ade has been sloppy in front of goal, did he have a shot, Bale put in 1 good cross, fame is going to his head and he is trying to win on his own. We have stopped playing as a team and Modric is creating nothing at the moment. VDV is the only one not panicking.

  19. We need to sell all the players mentioned but buy 4 to 5 top players.Next season is the big one

  20. Livermore was dire against norwich but he was one of manyie Modric. I think he has done ok and yes probably needs a decent player alongaide him.
    I think he should stay.
    King should be retired.

  21. Id add Ledley to the list time to bring this saga to an end hurts me to say it but the time has come now!

  22. Canadianraptor

    Sorry but #1 to go is Ledley King! Look! I love this guy and he has been the consumate professional for years and deserved way better than the bum knee he has. However, particularly in recent years, the club has not spent the money to shore up his position as there is always the hope of a miracle that Ledders will somehow manage a whole season without trouble. He honestly looked old, slow and broken down against Norwich. He was slow, lethargic and was “bossed” about by the Norwich big guys! It would be awful to see him continually embarassed any more. Hire him as a defensive coach to impart his wisdom to outstanding prospects like Caulker but please gracefully retire him ASAP!

  23. what about Corluka, Pienaar and Bassong - you’re wrong with Livermore and Gallas - both give their all when called upon.

  24. Spurs should offload Jenas as well as Gomes,Bentley,and Dos Santos.
    Gallas could have one last season in him, if the fitness level of the whole squad improves. Not European football since December, yet we are led to believe that the players are tired!
    Don’t here that from Barcalona, they play more games than Spurs, with greater distances to travel.
    Livermore is worth perservering with, perhaps another season on loan would help him. We have been blinded by the comments of the manager in respect of Livermore.
    Kranjar is a good squad player, who in my view been poorly treated.

  25. ONLY 6 Premier league starts in his entire career, and you already deem Livermore not good enough? You can suspect that he ultimately will not be good enough, but you certainly cannot say so soon. I would add Defoe to the list. We cannot play Defoe unless we rearrange half the lineup to accommodate him - plus he is 29 now, and does not work hard enough in games.

  26. Yep, you’re off the money with Livermore. He’s shown great maturity when he has been called on. He is a player that keeps things simple and does the simple things well. Also, he doesn’t complain and is always ready when called upon.

  27. Disagree with you view on Livermore, I think he would walk into a lot of Premier League teams. He has shown great maturity and is worthy of the starts he has made. Gallas was a great player for us last season, shame this campaign has not been so successful. I would keep around as back up to a new centre back pairing next season. The other 4 I could not agree more.

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