Adam Lallana, Liverpool, and transfers for the sake of transfers 0

Sky Sports News carried a story this morning about Liverpool’s interest in Adam Lallana and suggested that the likely Premier League runners-up will attempt to complete the transfer before the player leaves with England for the World Cup.

Lallana has clearly had an outstanding season and so interest in him was inevitable, but how much sense would this actually make for Liverpool.

Yes, he’s a very good player and yes, he would doubtless have a positive impact on Brendan Rodgers’ squad, but at what cost to player and club?

Lallana is Southampton’s captain and arguably their most valuable player, and as such they are going to want a King’s Ransom from Liverpool if they are to sell.  On top of which, he’s English and we know how that tends to effect player value - and so can anyone see Southampton agreeing to a sale for anything less than £20m?

No - and while that £20m may be a fair price, it doesn’t really represent value to Liverpool.  Given Rodgers’ obvious need to re-stock his defence this Summer, there are clearly better ways to spend that kind of money.  Champions League revenue or not, Liverpool aren’t suddenly going to become a free-spending club and they still need to be shrewd in the transfer-market.  Why spend such a large amount of money on an area of the team which needs more depth rather than more quality.

For the player, there are also caveats.  The lure of Anfield is obvious for Lallana, but think about who he would be competing with for a starting spot - what guarantees are there that he can dislodge Raheem Sterling or Philippe Coutinho?  This season he has started 36 Premier League games; does he really want to trade that for 20-25 instead?  He’s in his mid-twenties and approaching his prime, and that doesn’t really feel like a smart move.

You can make a case for this either way and clearly Champions League football is enticing to a player, but Lallana and Liverpool - with all factors considered - don’t feel like a good match for each other and both parties could probably find better options.

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