Alberto Moreno and Liverpool? Yes, yes, and yes. 1

In addition to whatever plans Brendan Rodgers has for Adam Lallana and Yevhen Konoplyanka, the Liverpool manager is expected to make some significant improvements to his defence this Summer.

With that in mind, the Liverpool Echo are claiming that Alberto Moreno is ‘top of his wish list’.

That’s hardly a surprise if it’s true, because Sevilla’s Moreno is now arguably Spain’s biggest prospect at full-back and he’s had a terrific 2013/14.

Beyond that, though, he’s actually a very good-fit for the style of play which is being preached at Anfield; he’s outstanding on the ball, very ambitious in attacking areas, and - excuse the cliche - possesses a cultured left-foot.  He played last night in the Europa League final against Benfica, but don’t judge him purely on that game - yes, he was defensively very suspect and was made to look very naive at times, but he’s a better player than that and usually a more secure presence around his own penalty-box.

That isn’t to say that he’s the finished article, however, because as with most 21 year-old full-backs he’s still to perfect the balance between his attacking and defensive contributions.  As mentioned, he has had a very good season, but against the very best teams in  La Liga this year he’s had difficulties - not that there’s any shame in this, but he did look a bit raw during Sevilla’s visits to the Nou Camp and the Santiago Bernabeu.  With Liverpool returning to the Champions League next season, that’s clearly something to be wary of.

As a package though, he’s extremely valuable, and if Liverpool were able to snag him from under the noses of some other - reportedly - interested parties this Summer, he’s the kind of player who could lock-down the left-back position for the next decade.  His potential is that high.

Moreno at left-back? Jon Flanagan returning to the right side?  Glen Johnson removed from the wage-bill?  That would be a good Summer for Brendan Rodgers.

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