An irony that Tim Sherwood might be walking into at Tottenham 0

It’s very difficult to evaluate what Tottenham really are under Tim Sherwood, because no performance has really been the same in the last two months. There have been moments of fluid, attacking football, and gloriously effective forward play, but they’ve been accompanied by defensive fragility, occasional tactical chaos, and a heavily-fragmented midfield structure.

Week-to-week, there’s really no way of knowing what this side is going to produce.

What can’t be ignored, however, is Spurs’ league position and their apparent competitiveness in the race for fourth. Liverpool, lauded by almost everyone, remain just three points ahead and Tim Sherwood will rightly feel that he’s currently justifying Daniel Levy’s decision to give him the job.

He’s spoken in the past about the need for him to finish in the top-four and the implications for him if the side fall outside the Champions League placings. It’s not something I agree with; it’s ludicrous to judge a manager of six months on something so artificial - but this is Tottenham, and this is Levy, and so Sherwood almost certainly would be vulnerable should he not achieve that objective.

In a way, though, the better he does the more risk he puts himself at. Louis Van Gaal revealed last week that he had indeed been approached by Levy after Villas-Boas’ departure and might be lured by a ‘challenge’ after the World Cup and, similarly, Frank De Boer has also publicly fluttered his eye-lashes at the White Hart Lane decision-makers.

Regardless of his permanent contract, there are still plenty who view Sherwood as an interim at Tottenham, and if he were to deliver Champions League football next season there would be no shortage of applications from some very illustrious continental coaches.

Ironically, Sherwood best chance of keeping this job might well be a fifth or sixth-placed finish, because without Champions League football Spurs are unlikely to want to take another big financial risk on a ‘name’ manager and would probably lack the pull to make such a move viable.

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