Analysing the The FA’s decision to rescind the red card for Newcastle’s Paul Dummett

The first time you saw Paul Dummett’s challenge on Luis Suarez at Anfield, I’m guessing you thought that it warranted a red card - me too.

The collision between the two players was forceful and the respective reactions seemed to suggest that Dummett had been reckless or put his opponent in danger.

When the incident is slowed down, however, it looks very different:

The still above shows the point of contact and quite obviously Dummett is doing nothing wrong - his studs aren’t showing, he hasn’t left the ground, and he isn’t putting Suarez unnecessarily at risk.  Basically, none of the red flags which usually prompt a dismissal are evident.

What Dowd sees is this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 19.41.29

By this point, Dummett has no control and his body position - in addition to Suarez’s reaction - make it appear as if something more serious has happened.  Ultimately, though, because contact has already taken place everything beyond that point should be irrelevant.  It’s horribly clumsy, of course, but in no way did it deserve to be punished so severely.

Given the speed at which it happened, it’s a forgivable mistake - and it’st fortunate that the game wasn’t relevant to Newcastle’s season and that The FA have made a sensible ruling.

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3 Comments on "Analysing the The FA’s decision to rescind the red card for Newcastle’s Paul Dummett"

  1. Vassilis Koukoulis | May 14, 2014 at 10:07 am |

    Now if the tackle was made by Gerrard on say Tiote, there would have been two possible scenarios.
    1. Gerrard sent off, a general outcry from all television channel pundits about the injustice and condemnation of the ref for at least three weeks, while Tiote would be label as a cheat.
    2. Gerrard gets away with no punishment correctly, Tiote gets his second yellow card for cheating and diving.

    Both incidents ending to Liverpool’s advantage, this is football as we all come to expect every weekend.

    Enjoy the world cup

  2. So typical of the FA - they constantly screw NUFC over on other decisions and usually reject any appeals but happy to oblige with recinding this one when the season is over and when it doesn’t actually matter or help us in any way. Absolute set of corrupt bottlers.

  3. Why not just do away with refs and allow the fame to flow for 90 minutes and the FA can review each game and declare the end result after viewing all recordings.

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