Another attack on Tottenham and Andre Villas-Boas 4

I’m not really sure who Dr Peter Brukner, but he The Mail have wheeled him out to breathe new life into the Hugo Lloris story from the weekend.

“Andre Villas-Boas then appeared to back the player in over-ruling his doctor and Lloris returned to the pitch.

What a remarkable man Villas-Boas must be. Despite no medical training he knows better than a qualified, experienced sports doctor whether a player is well enough to go back on the pitch. Perhaps next week we will see the doctor making decisions regarding tactics during the game!”

The Mail should probably be a little careful there, because that’s quite a strong allegation to make - especially after Tottenham’s medical staff confirmed after the game that they had been happy for Lloris to continue.

Let’s not be naive: if the physios had not been satisfied that Lloris was physically able to continue, or that he was at risk by doing so, Andre Villas-Boas would have had no purchase in that conversation whatsoever. Medical malpractice, law suits, loss of licenses…it’s that kind of territory for the doctors, so a manager would have been in no position to overrule them.

Romelu Lukaku was knocked-out at West Ham earlier in the season, and that was treated as a humorous anecdote, so either we’re genuinely concerned about concussions and post-concussion syndrome or we’re not - either way, the mischievous finger-pointing for the sake of newspaper sales tends to detract from the seriousness of the bigger issue.

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