Another reason for Chelsea to dump at least one of their English trio 0

Within hours of Chelsea failing to beat Norwich at Stamford Bridge, the Daily Mail‘s Neil Ashton was aware of exactly what was said in the home dressing-room at half-time and at which players Jose Mourinho’s ire had been directed.

Nemanja Matic and Mohamed Salah were reportedly savaged by the Portuguese for the first-half contributions, and given Mourinho’s personality he’s likely to be livid that someone within his squad is leaking to the press.

Given Ashton’s constant, unwaivering support of Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, and John Terry over the years, it stands to reason that one of them is responsible for the flow of information out of the club.  Think back also to Andre Villas-Boas’ tenure at Stamford Bridge and remember how frequently stories about him and his team-selections found their way into Ashton’s columns - and then think about which players were apparently disaffected and disillusioned with life under Villas-Boas.

Leaking has been around forever, but that doesn’t mean that managers or internal club staff have learnt to tolerate it - it’s a symptom of an unhappy environment and it’s actually fairly traitorous behaviour.  The dressing-room is supposed to be private and there should be a level of trust between the manager and his players that prevents information from escaping.  ‘Moles’ threaten that, and they have the potential to create significant disharmony at a club and break the bonds that exist behind closed doors.

Let’s just say that if a certain defender who has spent the season being marginalised by Mourinho was to leave the club this Summer, then Neil Ashton might find himself short of an exclusive or two in the future.

Ashton is just doing his job, so you can’t blame him, but this is something Mourinho can absolutely do without and so age might not be the only reason why at least one contract isn’t extended beyond the end of the season.

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