Applauding Luke Shaw for signing his new Southampton contract 1


It’s actually really nice to be able to write this kind of story for once: Luke Shaw has agreed terms with Southampton on a new five-year contract.

Excellent decision.

How often do we see a player prematurely jump at the opportunity to move to a bigger club once his talent receives the faintest bit of recognition? Shaw made a very healthy first impression in the Premier League, so much so that there were rumours of Chelsea and Manchester United being interested in taking him away from St Mary’s.

The implication of the new contract is two-fold: firstly - obviously - it commits his immediate future to Southampton, and secondly, it protects his value should the club wish to sell him in the future.

He’s eighteen years-old - as of yesterday - and he’s benefiting from regular first-team football, the smart decision was always going to be to stay put and continue his progression at a club that he knows and that knows him. That sounds like a redundant comment, but it’s amazing how many players get this type of decision wrong and cost themselves key years of development.

Good move from a kid who clearly has his head in the right place, and who seemingly has a sensible team of advisers in his camp.

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