Arsenal and a collective, rather than managerial, failure 3

I expect to see a lot of this type of thing in the coming days:

Piers Morgan doesn’t represent the average Arsenal fan, but many will presumably share his irritation after this afternoon’s result and the majority will probably pin it on Arsene Wenger.

Realistically, though, when a side loses 6-0 it’s rarely because of one person.

This is one of those occasions in which every Arsenal player and coach should be held responsible, because the performance at Stamford Bridge was completely inadequate for a club of this stature. Wenger’s decision to leave Mathieu Flamini felt questionable, and maybe his defence subsequently lacked central protection, but the players who were on the pitch cannot be absolved of blame purely because of team selection or tactical approach - they were inept.

From one to eleven, Arsenal were bad today. They were sloppy with the ball, they reacted really poorly to being dispossessed, and they allowed Chelsea huge amounts of space on the counter-attack. How can such experienced players be so naive in a fixture of such importance?

Whatever structure or game-plan Wenger had decided to employ, what relevance was it after the first half-an-hour? Hence, how much blame can you really attribute to his preparation?

If you’re going to question Wenger’s position at the club after that, then you need to extend that critique to some of those players. Chelsea didn’t beat Arsenal today, Arsenal beat themselves.

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