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Arsenal are being used by Gonzalo Higuain

Beyond all the tedium of Wayne Rooney, Jose Mourinho, and the general decline of English football, another really bizarre story is developing this Summer.

Gonzalo Higuain’s protracted move to Arsenal.

By all accounts, this deal was ready to be completed over two weeks ago, and it seemed realistic for Arsenal to expect the Argentine to be part of their pre-season tour to Asia. Not so much.

Something’s not right here: despite assurances from the player’s father and agent, Jorge Higuain, at the beginning of July, the player seems no closer to a transfer.

“We managed to get permission from Real Madrid to negotiate face to face with Arsenal. Fortunately, I will soon be able to watch my son play in the Premier League.”

(The Guardian)

That was the comment which confirmed that this move isn’t just a figment of the press’ collective imagination, and that Arsenal have made a concerted effort to sign the player - yet it flies in the face of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez’ claim that no club, including Arsenal, have made anything resembling an official approach for the forward.

Also now doing the rounds in the media, is this quote from Nico Higuain - who also apparently represents his brother:

“Right now there is no agreement with any club. For starters, they would have to talk first with Real Madrid. Nothing has been closed.”

(Sky Sports)

Those comments appeared in the media a day apart, yet are a direct contradiction of each other - either Real Madrid granted Arsenal permission to discuss terms with Higuain or they didn’t, because there isn’t really an ambiguous middle-ground in this situation.

We’ve been told so many different things about this situation that it’s becoming hard to keep track - he was definitely signing, then he wasn’t, then he was flying in to London for a medical, then the move was on hold until Carlo Ancelotti had officially taken over at the Bernabeu, and finally - according to Perez - no kind of agreement exists over anything between any of the individual parties.

What a nonsense this is turning into - and it’s not as if the sources used to report on this transfer have been shady or unreliable, they’re come directly from the player’s representative team.

It shouldn’t be this difficult. In fact, the more this rumbles on, the more it looks like Arsenal have been used as leverage to improve Higuain’s personal situation in Spain - at a guess, he never had any intention of actually moving to North London, more he just wanted to create the impression of maybe doing so in order to engage Real.

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  1. Roger Dudley
    5 days, 16 hrs ago

    Well if this is the case then Higuain has showed us the ugly side of transfer’s. To dangle a carrot in front of a well respected football club then to take it away is simply wrong. We all know how underhanded agents can be, now it seems as if players can be very manipulative as well. If Higuain really wanted to come to Arsenal the deal would have been done weeks ago. So i suggest Arsene looks elsewhere in the transfer market, as it looks as if he is being used persuing the wrong man in Higuain.

  2. chiangmaisteve
    5 days, 16 hrs ago

    It’s really hard to tell as the comments don’t come date stamped. The media has a habit of recycling old quotes because they suit the spin for the week. Were the father’s and the brother’s quotes really a day apart? Which was first? The media are saying Higuain wants to talk with Perez about his future….another outlet says he wants to come and will sit down with Perez and talk…then another paper thinks this means he has re-thought his position and is looking to stay. It’s pretty hard to reach a conclusion let alone suggest what Arsene should be telling this player or that player to do…..for all we know…..Arsenal might be doing something else entirely!

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