Arsenal’s Joel Campbell: Performance against Uruguay 8

So before a thousand different Arsenal fans scream for Arsene Wenger to bring Joel Campbell, think about what it is that you’ve actually seen of him.  For most, it will be a single Olympiakos goal against Manchester United and a solitary World Cup performance.

So is that enough?  Two goals and he’s ready to become an Arsenal legend?

Be very wary of thinking that, because international tournaments always create a false economy and there is a long list of players who have looked like world-beaters for their country before reverting to averageness in club football.

Anyway, that’s a debate for another day - Campbell did play well yesterday and here are his graphics from the win over Uruguay, courtesy of Squawka:

Joel Campbell: Touches vs Uruguay

Joel Campbell: Touches vs Uruguay

Joel Campbell: Distribution vs Uruguay

Joel Campbell: Dribbling performance vs Uruguay.

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