Arsene Wenger getting silly over Jack Wilshere 1

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Arsene Wenger was treading a familiar path over the weekend over Jack Wilshere’s red card, his determination to defend his players regardless of how foolish he looks as a result is almost admirable.

“It was very harsh. I was surprised the referee gave him a second yellow card. He went for the ball and Patrice Evra made the maximum of it.”

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Oh Arsene, it wasn’t ‘very harsh’ and you know it. At the point when he was dismissed, he was extremely luck to still be on the pitch - and Mike Riley had already made it clear that he was on a last chance after his previous tackle. But regardless, the studs up follow-through on Patrice Evra warranted a yellow-card irrespective of anything that had occurred before - it’s a silly argument to make, even for Wenger.

If that had been a foreign player making that kind of tackle and taking his side down to ten men, we’d all be lambasting him for his lack of maturity and ill-discipline, but because it’s Wilshere we’re all terribly eager to jump to his defence. Frustrated or not, it was a silly tackle to make and he deserved to walk for it.

…and as has been said half-a-dozen times since Saturday lunchtime, Wenger should have replaced Wilshere after the second tackle - and then we wouldn’t need to be discussing this.

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