Burak Yilmaz? Yes, for Tottenham 2


Here’s something interesting from the Leaders in Football conference, which is currently taking place at Stamford Bridge.

“If he wants to go and Chelsea are interested then of course, why not?

I favour Turkish players going to Europe to play in European leagues.

We had some requests from Lazio at the end of the summer, but the deal didn’t go through because the conditions were not satisfied.”

That’s Galatasary Chairman Unal Aysal discussing the future of Burak Yilmaz - courtesy of Sky Sports.

Yilmaz is an interesting player, because he’s capable of looking very clumsy and very average, but he’s also unquestionably one of the elite goal-scorers in European football at the moment. Twenty-four league goals last season, thirty-three the year before, and nineteen in 2011/12. That’s impressive.

I’ve spoken quite a lot about Jermain Defoe’s deficiencies lately, and the problems his inclusion creates within the Tottenham side - so, therefore, if Yilmaz is available in January, then he’s someone Franco Baldini should be looking at.

Yilmaz isn’t high-profile enough for Chelsea, because their transfer policy is as much about turning heads as it is making their side better - Michael Emenalo would rather sign a ‘name’ than a good-fit.

If you said, that Tottenham could have a forward talent-pool of Roberto Soldado and Burak Yilmaz, or Soldado, Defoe, and Emmanuel Adebayor, then I think the former offers a lot more. Yilmaz is a natural variation on Soldado, because whereas the Spaniard is quite a finesse-based player, the Turk is a rough-and-tumble bully of a forward, who combines a freakish goal-scoring instinct with an imposing physical style.

…and yes, I’m aware that I’m leaving Harry Kane out of the discussion, but that’s because he will never be a credible first-team option for Andre Villas-Boas. Maybe he’ll be a Premier League player, but not for Spurs.

Yilmaz would be interesting. Now, let’s get back to the endless and fascinating discussion about Adnan Januzaj’s international eligibility, apologies for straying away from that.

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