Tottenham’s pressing work against Manchester United

Tottenham’s pressing work against Manchester United 0

In patches, Manchester United were very impressive at White Hart Lane yesterday.  Through the first hour, their chance-creation was very healthy and had it not have been for their profligacy in front of goal and a terrific performance from Hugo Lloris, they would almost certainly have won the game. As the match developed, though, United(…)

Joe Cole’s reintroduction at Aston Villa might solve a big structural problem 1

What does Joe Cole bring to a side? The answer to that question has changed a bit over the years and, actually, Cole has been such a peripheral presence over recent seasons that nobody can really be certain as to his form, his condition or how long he really has left in the game. The(…)

Swansea City: Analysing Wilfried Bony’s goal against Crystal Palace 0

The Premier League is starting to wake up to what a good player Wilfried Bony is. It’s about time, too.  The Ivorian has continuously provided an outstanding example of how to play the lone-forward role and the £12m Swansea City paid for him eighteen months ago looks increasingly absurd. Yesterday, Bony’s goal against Crystal Palace(…)

Swansea vs Arsenal: Allocating blame for Bafe Gomis’ goal

Swansea vs Arsenal: Allocating blame for Bafe Gomis’ goal 0

Thundering rain, late winning-goals and vibrant crowds; that’s what British football is supposed to be about and that’s what we saw yesterday at The Liberty Stadium. The result was a gift to the current Arsenal narrative: it won’t be the losing that bothers the fans as much as it will have been seeing the side(…)

Manchester City vs Chelsea: Analysis of Frank Lampard’s goal

Manchester City vs Chelsea: Analysis of Frank Lampard’s goal 0

The takeaway from The Etihad yesterday was Frank Lampard’s goal and all the irony that that involved.  Unfortunately, lost amongst the ensuing narrative has been any detailed discussion of the mechanics of the goal - and that’s a real shame, because it was a work of art.  Albeit, also a product of Chelsea’s defensive negligence.(…)

Manchester United: The value of balance and width 0

  This point has been made before on this site, so I’ll do this quickly… Before the international break, Manchester United gave one of their bluntest, least imaginative performances of recent years and spent ninety minutes against Burnley labouring against the restrictions placed upon them by their tactical system.  The structure, in principle, was fine,(…)

Lessons learned from the opening weekend 0

Michael Foster reviews the Premier League’s opening weekend… If the Premier League was ever to adopt a new motto, it probably shouldn’t look further than the words devised by Douglas Adams which are emblazoned on the cover of the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ in ‘large, reassuring letter,’ which are, of course, ‘Don’t Panic!’ Panicking(…)

Aston Villa vs Norwich: Analysing Christian Benteke’s first goal 0

Aston Villa were a different side before and after Christian Benteke’s first goal yesterday, and here’s a look at the moment which ultimately changed the game. The ending to this is obviously spectacular and hugely impressive, but there’s also a lot to admire about the beginning - in particular Benteke’s ability to keep Joseph Yobo(…)

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