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This site has done me a lot of good, but it’s time to close it down and move on. For something that was only ever intended as an after-work distraction,…

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Manchester United's Louis Van Gaal

Louis van Gaal, Fat Men, and Opportunism

Criticism of Louis van Gaal is absolutely fair. The revised perception that Sir Alex Ferguson’s teams were always heavy on flair and attacking ambition is clearly nonsense, but Manchester United 2015/16…


The Simon Mignolet issue at Liverpool

It’s too easy to criticise Simon Mignolet and it’s reductive to claim that he simply isn’t very good. He does a lot of things very well and he’s one of…


Maybe the Liverpool shirt is too heavy for inhibited Adam Lallana?

It’s not that Adam Lallana is a bad player, more that he’s the wrong one - for Liverpool at least. Lallana is frequently whipped with his transfer-fee and that’s slightly…


Andros Townsend, Newcastle United, and a tide of snark

Something strange has happened to Andros Townsend. From the moment he was first capped by England, he seems to have been fighting against a tide of snide negativity. In January…