Kevin De Bruyne: Value Demonstration

Kevin De Bruyne didn’t have the most prominent game during Manchester City’s 2-1 loss to Everton and, to continue a theme which has run since his return to England, that…

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West Ham: Slaven Bilic shows his mind at Anfield

After West Ham’s 3-0 win at Anfield, Slaven Bilic presented his side’s performance as almost the product of a relaxed approach.  Bilic’s English is a little vague sometimes, so maybe…

Tottenham: The problem at hand

Just briefly, because not everyone will have had the chance to see this afternoon’s games yet… Tottenham drew with Leicester City at King Power today and, while superficially a creditable…


Raheem Sterling’s influence on Manchester City

Raheem Sterling was not a headlining part of Manchester City’s comprehensive win over Chelsea yesterday afternoon and neither did he produce any truly game-defining moments. That was to be expected….


Ross Barkley: Pertinent small detail

Contrary as this may sound, the best way of assessing Ross Barkley is probably to ignore his goals. Barkley may be an aggressive player and his ability to shoot - and…