Why it’s still alright to loathe the memory of Thierry Henry 2

After announcing his retirement from football yesterday, the internet has spent the last twenty-four hours richly honouring Thierry Henry’s career. Henry was someone who, through his dominance within English football, seems to have been able to transcend most rivalries.  Regardless of whom they support, fans are queuing up at the alter to figuratively lay wreaths(…)

The creeping realisation of what England actually are 3

The tumbleweed blew around the carpark, the wind howled through the empty concourses and the turnstiles stood eerily still… Okay, so maybe the attendance at England against Norway wasn’t quite that sparse and maybe 40,000 watching supporters doesn’t quite constitute a ghost town, but Wembley felt as cavernous and despondent as it has for decades(…)

The LMA cast themselves as part of the equality problem in football 0

“In the course of a search by the Club in early 2014 of 10,000 private text messages sent to and from another member of staff during Mr Mackay’s employment at Cardiff, in relation to other matters, it emerged that Malky had, it seems, sent a couple of one line texts that were, with the benefit(…)

A willful deception: the fairytales of transfer reporting 0

Even in a World Cup year, the start of the new Premier League season cannot come soon enough.  Like many others, I don’t long for the start of domestic football because of any particular yearning for the sport itself, but because it will diversify the narrative that exists around the game and move us away(…)

Football and concussion: An important first step that needs to be taken 0

Christoph Kramer was substituted early in last night’s World Cup final, and evidently he had no business staying on the pitch for longer than he did.  After a clash with Ezequiel Garay inside the opening ten minutes, Kramer was clearly exhibiting symptoms of a concussion and yet, until the 32nd minute, was not replaced. Unfortunately,(…)

The Premier League is to blame for England - but not in ‘that’ way 5

There is a certain type of Englishman who, if given the opportunity, will blame foreign people for everything bad happening in his life.  If he loses his job, it’s because of a Polish immigrant, if his wife leaves him, it’s because of a handsome Italian, and if his national football team is eliminated in the(…)

Liverpool: First-team options created by the new signings

Liverpool: First-team options created by the new signings 5

Liverpool are expected to do more business this Summer, and you would expect at least two or three new arrivals: a centre-back, a left-back, and maybe another forward will likely move to Anfield before the end of the window. Still, they’ve been busy already and here are the new options created by the arrival of(…)

Tim Vickery makes a strong case for the disruption of player-only punditry 2

Familiar gripe time, I’m afraid. The BBC re-ran highlights of Brazil vs Chile and Uruguay vs Colombia last night, and it was interesting to see Tim Vickery employed as a pundit alongside Robbie Savage and Phil Neville.  Vickery, as most of you know, is a journalist of the highest standard and his knowledge of the(…)

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