Charlie Adam: Very much ‘that’ type of player 0

Stoke City’s chairman Peter Coates has reacted furiously to The FA’s decision to charge Charlie Adam for his stamp on Olivier Giroud at the weekend.

“We feel this is trial by media. We are disgusted.

We have seen some of the things that have gone on in recent weeks and no one has been called to account.

Charlie absolutely assures us it was not intentional. We will defend it vigorously. It is appalling.” (Sky Sports)

It’s easy to let anti-Stoke sentiment creep into this, and that’s presumably what Coates believes has prompted the charge - but this is less about the club Charlie Adam plays for and more about his own past conduct.

Adam may well contest that the contact with Giroud was unintentional, but it’s very difficult to ignore just how many ‘unintentional’ incidents he’s now been involved in. At worst he’s a dirty player, and at best his tackling technique is very clumsy - the truth is probably somewhere between those two points.

The contact with Giroud doesn’t look good at all, and anyone who has played the game at any level will probably recognise that - had he really wanted to - Adam could have avoided contact with the Arsenal player. It looks intentional, it’s cowardly, and it’s characteristic of a player who has hurt multiple opponents during his career.

Peter Coates may well be over-sensitive about his club’s image, but he has little grounds for being so incredulous about this.

There’s video of the ‘stamp’ below, so judge for yourselves.

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