Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and Oscar, and the irrelevance of PSG’s interest in them

As reported by The Telegraph last night, PSG are apparently interested in taking Chelsea’s attacking-midfield duo away from the Premier League - and, according to various media sources, appear to be allocating over £100m to aid that cause.

PSG are unfairly seen as just another well-monied club, whereas in reality QIA’s patronage has turned them into a genuine force within European football. The problem remains, though, that beyond the Champions League they have little to offer prospective players beyond just enormous contracts.

That’s a significant ‘just’ clearly, but Ligue 1 - despite the emergence of Monaco - is not the same calibre of competition as La Liga, the Premier League, Serie A or the Bundesliga, and so where does the appeal in a move to France really lie for either Oscar or Eden Hazard.

In Hazard’s case it’s old ground, because he left France in pursuit of a bigger stage and a higher profile within the world game and the chances of him returning are remote. For Oscar - who is settled with a young family in London - it doesn’t seem a particularly enticing move either.

And then there’s Jose Mourinho. Both of these players have improved exponentially under the Portuguese’s tutelage, and given the kind of ambitions harboured by both - Hazard/Balon d’Or & Oscar/continued selection for the Brazilian national team - it’s unlikely either would leave an environment within which they’re almost guaranteed to progress.

QIA may well try to test Chelsea’s resolve, but that would seen completely futile given that the players in question are the cornerstone around which this side’s future is being built.

Does anybody really see Roman Abramovich even entertaining a sale of just one of these players to a Champions League rival? Not really - so the chances of both leaving are next-to-nil.

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