David De Gea discusses life at Manchester United 0

David De Gea’s form has been a feature of Manchester United’s start to the season, and he’s been discussing life at Old Trafford and his satisfaction with his own performances:

“I’m very happy with it. I feel like this is a particularly good moment in my career right now and I hope to continue in the same vein for some time to come.

I feel like I’m always improving and I want to make sure that continues as well.

It’s very important that the manager values your work and now it’s important to continue to play well and help the team.

I’m very happy the manager praised me but, for me, the journey doesn’t stop now - I want to keep earning praise and playing well for this team.

I play for my team-mates and I play for my manager but I also play for the fans. When you win over a club’s fans, it’s a very proud moment. These are the people who pay money to come to watch you every week.

You owe it to them to play well and give your best, so it makes me extremely happy to hear the fans singing my name.”

(Sky Sports)

The Spaniard’s shot-stopping ability has always been exceptional, but this season he seems to be far more comfortable aerially - the tentative manner in which he used to deal with defensive set-pieces, for example, has given way to something far more commanding and convincing.

It’s hard to be certain, but if you compare photographs of him now with those from his days at Atletico Madrid (right), it does seem as if he’s put on quite a lot of upper-body muscle - and that undoubtedly will have helped him acclimatise to English football. Whether that’s from gym work or natural filling-out with age, I don’t know, but he is noticeably more confident in physical situations now.

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