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David Moyes getting smart with Wayne Rooney at Manchester United

By now, everybody will have read David Moyes comments about Wayne Rooney - but if not, here’s what the new Manchester United manager had to say:

“Overall, my thought on Wayne is, if for any reasons we had an injury to Robin van Persie, we’ll need him.

Wayne can play up on his own, he can play dropped in. It’s going to be a time to see how I work with Wayne.

Manchester United isn’t about Wayne Rooney. Manchester United is about the team - the club.

I won’t allow Wayne Rooney to become more important than the football club and the football team, because that’s the heart of it.”

(Sky Sports)

Moyes knows what he’s doing here - he’s known Wayne Rooney since the forward was a child, and - beyond Sir Alex Ferguson - he probably understands the player’s personality better than anyone in the game.

The press have jumped on the comments about Robin van Persie and turned them into a ‘Wayne Rooney is going to be a substitute this season’ declaration, but in reality this is just Moyes’ way of issuing a not so subtle challenge to the player through the media. He’s knocking Rooney down to size, and he’s trying to provoke the competitive spirit within him - it’s an open invitation from the manager for Rooney to prove him wrong.

It’s not rocket science, it’s psychology 101.

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  1. oggiemeister
    3 days, 3 hrs ago

    Well said - a touch of common sense at last!

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