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Here’s Southampton’s Dejan Lovren with a quote that’s bound to endear him to the club’s fans (in Sportske Novosti via The Mail):

“Liverpool sent the offer and the club haven’t informed me.

Not even about the subsequent Liverpool bids. That wasn’t right. I found out about the bid from other people which disappointed me and I realised I’ve got no business staying at Southampton.

Frankly, my head is already at Liverpool.

Look, I’d gladly stay in Southampton if the club had any ambitions, if they kept the key players. [If that had happened] not even the Liverpool bid would have dissuaded me.”

This is player preciousness at its very worst.  Dejan Lovren has to understand that Southampton are under no obligation to sell him and neither are they really obliged to inform him of any interest - and, actually, given the way transfers work and how well-informed player agents are, it’s highly-unlikely that he didn’t know that a bid was forthcoming before Southampton received it.

Lovren has spent a single season at St Mary’s and has had a good year, but that in itself does not entitle him to a transfer - and that’s what’s aggravating here, the tangible sense of entitlement.  He actually seems to believe that he has a grievance and that he is in some way being done a disservice - that’s how detached from reality the modern player has become.

Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana and Luke Shaw were all purchased at very high prices and sold for fees that really couldn’t be refused by Southampton and, additionally, all of those players have been at the club for longer and can at least claim to have served the supporters. Not Lovren, though: he’s turned up, done a single season, and thrown his toys out of the pram at the first opportunity.  What a rat - and Liverpool beware, this is a big red flag as to his future conduct.

And this isn’t about ambition because, aside from Dusan Tadic and Graziano Pelle, the club haven’t even started to spend the money they’ve received this Summer - for all Lovren knows, the squad might well be more talented than the one he was part of in 2013/14.

No, this is about what he wants and he’s using flimsy excuses to justify his attempts to break his contract.

Fine him, add £10m to his asking price, and tell him he only leaves when that valuation is met - Southampton can afford to be difficult.

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