Despite Liverpool’s interest, Adam Lallana should defer the decision on his future 1

Reports today seem to suggest that Liverpool have made an approach to Southampton for Adam Lallana, and with the promise of Champions League football at Anfield that has the potential to be a head-turner.  Anfield would be a tempting environment for any player in Lallana’s situation, but this is an important decision for him and one he really can’t afford to get wrong.

As mentioned last week, the first caveat here is over playing-time; does Lallana have a ready-made place in the Liverpool side?  And if he doesn’t, who is he going to displace to become a first-team regular?  Many, many English players have fallen into this trap before, and Lallana first needs to recognise what he’s been able to achieve by playing regularly for Southampton (England), and what he might lose if he doesn’t get similar pitch-minutes at Liverpool.

Aside from that, however, what’s the harm in leaving this decision until after the World Cup?  The first stage of the process is for Liverpool and Southampton to negotiate, and so while that’s happening Lallana can be busy furthering his reputation in Brazil - he’s an increasingly likely starter for Roy Hodgson’s side, and so he has the opportunity to diversify his transfer options with a series of good performances.  He’s English, so we assume he’ll stay within the Premier League, but his style of play would also allow him to adapt easily to a foreign competition and an eye-catching World Cup could provide him with a once-in-a-career option in Spain or Italy.

But even if that’s not something he covets, he should at least use his time with England to get to know the Liverpool players within the squad and learn - indirectly - a bit more about what life at Anfield would be like.

Frequently you hear players saying that ‘they want their future resolved before’ heading to a major tournament, but it’s in Lallana’s interests to defer this decision until after he comes back.  After all, if Liverpool are serious about signing him, then that will still be the case in July - so he has nothing to lose by taking his time over this.

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