Discussing Didier Drogba’s return to Chelsea 0


It’s not really a secret that Chelsea are considering whether to bring Didier Drogba back to the club, and Jose Mourinho has insisted that the impending decision will be made ‘in a non-emotional way’.

“If I bring him back, and the decision has to be made soon, it is because as a player he has qualities to make the team stronger.”


Whether Drogba can actually have an influence within the Premier League at this stage of his career is debatable, because his performances for Galatasaray last season and for the Ivory Coast during the World Cup seemed to suggest that his physical capabilities have really fallen away over the last two years.

Regardless, he remains an icon at Chelsea and, if he was to return, he maintains a stature in the game that very few members of the contemporary squad can match - and Mourinho will value that and will undoubtedly factor that in against whatever playing limitations the forward now has.

But think about this from Drogba’s perspective: his last touch in a Chelsea shirt was the decisive penalty in Munich.  How many players get to have that as part of their legacy?  It’s very rare and that moment gave his career in England an almost perfect symmetry.

The emotional magnetism of Chelsea must be enormous for Drogba, but would it not be better to return to the club once his playing career is over and when a pure coaching or ambassadorial role is made available to him?  Why go back now to be a lesser version of who he once was - and especially so when he could potentially still enjoy regular first-team football in a lesser league.

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