Discussing Mario Balotelli’s link to Chelsea 0

An article appeared in The Mail this afternoon from John Drayton, who has picked-up on some comments made by Mario Balotelli in relation to Jose Mourinho.

“Of course I would like to play under Jose again.

In my first days at Inter we had some problems, but then it turned into a mutual respect, and now we have a real friendship.”

During his time in Italy, Mourinho was famously scathing about Balotelli’s attitude and his inability to mature or develop as a player.

Realistically, whether the relationship between the two is better now or not, Balotelli is the last player that Mourinho would sign - the Italian represents the absolute opposite of what the Portuguese generally values in a forward: he’s selfish, plays without any kind of peripheral vision, and has a general work-rate of next to zero.

Chelsea are more than likely to be shopping for forwards this Summer, but there’s absolutely no chance of Balotelli arriving at Stamford Bridge. There’s a difference, in a football sense, between friendship and trust, and whilst Mourinho may enjoy the odd quirky text from Balotelli, he knows full-well that he could never trust him within the confines of a rigid tactical system.

As we get closer to the transfer-deadline plenty will presumably be made of those quotes above, but you’re better off tuning it out.

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