Discussing Michael Dawson and his new contract at Tottenham 3


It was announced today that Michael Dawson has signed a new contract at Tottenham, and that he is now tied to the club until 2016.

For someone who was supposedly surplus to requirements twelve months ago, that Dawson has managed to make himself integral to Andre Villas-Boas’ plans is quite a testament to his personality.

And that’s really the biggest quality you associate with Dawson: character.

As a pure player, he’s not the most talented, and his physical attributes are probably a six or seven out of ten, but he’s forged a career for himself at Premier League level by combining those relatively average natural abilities with his peerless determination and acquired knowledge of the game.

Ironically, there are a lot of similarities between the way Dawson defends, and how Ledley King learnt to defend after his injuries restricted his physical capability; while King had to adapt to a dramatic loss of pace, Dawson’s has always had to rely on a more traditional defensive approach, one built around positioning, awareness, and intelligence.

For all intents and purposes, he’s the anti-David Luiz.

The concept of a ‘good club man’ has been lost to the modern game - examples of that kind of professional get fewer and further between with each passing year - and as such we should cherish the Michael Dawsons that we have left. Even if he isn’t a one-club player, he might as well be one, because he represents Tottenham Hotspur in a light that all the club’s fans would want their team to be seen in. He loves the club, and he’s completely loyal to it.

He isn’t just a good player, he’s a very wholesome human-being, too; look through the photos of Spurs’ charity work over the past few years, and note how often you see his face. He’s someone you’d never see in the wrong part of a newspaper, whose name would never be associated with anything remotely negative, and who would happily put any part of his body in the way of a goal-bound shot.

What more do you want?

Even if he never played another minute of first-team football, you still wouldn’t find many Tottenham supporters who would begrudge him his new contract.

Good for him; what a professional, and what an example he sets.

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