Discussing Sam Allardyce, West Ham, and the supposed agent controversy involving Ravel Morrison 0

The story about Sam Allardyce, Ravel Morrison and Mark Curtis isn’t going away.

Here’s Allardyce discussing the recent claim made by Daniel Taylor in The Guardian that he - with the assistance of Kevin Nolan - had tried to shepherd Morrison towards Curtis:

“But there is no truth in the fact I have sat with Ravel Morrison and tried to press him into signing with any agent, never mind mine.

It’s his choice, his decision, not mine. I haven’t had a discussion on Ravel signing with Mark Curtis, no.

I think the world that revolves around Ravel is quite unique in terms of the publicity he gets, but there we go.”


Allardyce might be on unsteady ground here, because there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that he does encourage players to sign with Curtis - as Taylor’s piece outlines - and consider this extract from Kevin Kilbane’s autobiography.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.32.03

I’m not sure what the regulations are around this kind of behaviour or even whether it is prohibited, but it’s at the very least an extraordinary coincidence that Ravel Morrison would make such a similar accusation.

“The fact of the matter is that Ravel wanted to play some first-team football. He wasn’t getting it as much here as he wanted so we’ve let him go on loan. Our consistent performances and recent acquisitions have given us a bigger squad and Ravel has found it a little more difficult to get in.”

At the most basic level, are we really to believe that Allardyce could find no place at West Ham for Morrison and that his only chance of getting first-team football was in the Championship? I’m not the biggest fan of the player’s personality, but he’s talented enough for that to be ridiculous.

There’s something really not right with this situation.

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