Discussing Tottenham and Isaac Cuenca 2

This story is appearing in a couple of different places: Isaac Cuenca is supposedly set to leave Barcelona and Tottenham are being mooted as a possible destination.

First impression?  Very unlikely.

The most obvious thing to say is that Tottenham are not going to be in a rush to spend money or bring in new players before a new manager in installed.  After all the unrest of last Summer and the rumours of disagreements between Andre Villas-Boas and Franco Baldini, Daniel Levy is not going to start writing cheques without a consensus amongst his technical staff.  That lesson - along with a few others - has been learnt the hard way at White Hart Lane.

Secondly, what problems would Isaac Cuenca really solve at White Hart Lane?  Erik Lamela will return to fitness for the start of next season, Andros Townsend is also competing for a wide position, Aaron Lennon is still at the club, and Nacer Chadli is provides a fourth option - Cuenca is limited to wide areas, so adding him to the squad would make little to no sense.

Moreover, if ever there was a case of a player ‘not being suited to the Premier League’ it’s this guy.  Yes, he’s technically very capable, but not quite to the extent which would make his flimsy physique an irrelevance - he would be kicked to pieces in English football, and from his perspective there are far better environments for him to develop his career if he is leaving Camp Nou.

Put a Barcelona shirt on a player and surround him with world-class talent, and they can look far more valuable than they really are - it’s the Giovani Dos Santos problem.

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