Diseased Tottenham roll-over yet again

What was the worst part of Tottenham’s defeat at Anfield today?

That there was no single reason for it, and that it was really symptomatic of where the team is as a whole.

Individual errors may have effected the scoreline, but it was the apathy with which the visiting players took their defeat that will be the lingering memory of this afternoon.

When fans are humiliated they invariably react angrily, and they also tend to direct their ire in one particular direction. Spurs fans won’t be able to do that this week because they really won’t know which way to turn - the uncomfortable truth for them is that their football club is riddled with issues, and today was the on-pitch manifestation of those many, many problems.

Defeats are part of football and being a supporter requires tolerance and a certain durability, but losses are only bearable when a side has done everything it can to avoid defeat. Beaten by a better side? Fine. Frustrated by a brilliant goalkeeping performance? Fine. Done over by a referee? Annoying but fine.

But beaten by yourself? Not fine at all.

Ranting has a cathartic quality, and so Tim Sherwood and a few individual players will likely be singled out for special ‘treatment’ this week, but once that temporary fury subsides every Tottenham fan will have to acknowledge the same reality: the playing side of this club is diseased and a large chunk of it needs to be cut-out and thrown-away over the Summer.

The problem isn’t Sherwood, the problem isn’t his tactics or his training, and the problem isn’t even the suspect attitude of players like Jan Vertonghen who are preoccupied with plotting end-of-season transfers - no, it’s everything in combination and Spurs are a perfect storm of ineptitude, apathy, and lack of heart.

This is a rotten, rotten team with no direction, no purpose and not even any tangible desire - they are, collectively, a middle-finger to those who pay to watch them.

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8 Comments on "Diseased Tottenham roll-over yet again"

  1. Along with no heart, no clue, no pride there was no tactics ! !

    You simply cannot afford to leave our best/strongest players on the bench when playing the best teams. That alone is suicide ! ! Let alone not playing them in their best positions.

    While there are many problems spurs have off the pitch - this performance was down to the coaching staff not preparing for this type of game. Nabil shouldn’t be asked to perform at a world class level against top level teAms when you have top players like sandro and dembele. They would have protected the back and god knows that our back 4 needs protection ! They had more chance to win the battle in the middle compared to bentaleb and siggy.

    This must be the weakest back 4 I have seen in a long time, akotto is better than our current full backs.

    There is no playing style, no identity in our play, no leadership, no gameplay, nothing ! I’m a proud supporter who has seen us go from being a mid table team, I can say that I am ashamed !

  2. A lot of continentals treat playing football as just another job and not a passion, like we expect. Is this behind the attitude problem at our SPURS. I dare say that The Mail will be jumping up and down with joy again, at our predicament.

  3. Lemmy Lurch | Mar 30, 2014 at 6:17 pm |

    could not have put it better , there is something very seriously wrong and a new manager will make no real difference. It looks like we have one or two players at most who are ready for the next level. That is very scary , there is a major overhaul of the entire squad needed. However our finances probably( certainly) are not sufficient , the new stadium is no closer and this season shows there has been no progress at all from the years of mid table mediocrity. Put simply this is an utter mess that will takes years to solve. I doubt it will be.

  4. Maybe its got something to do with that Director of football joke. Is he still in office?????

  5. fornenced | Mar 30, 2014 at 6:15 pm |

    Great synopsis of a lousy situation. Thanks for your article it calmed me down.

  6. Amen to that.

  7. So how’s a pensioner going to sort this out???? He isn’t. Levy is kidding himself again. The new SPURS anthem is by Status Quo ….. Remember “Roll Over Lay Down”….. Most appropriate.

  8. totally agree - as much as Levy and management are to blame - and must go - so must all these pathetic disgraceful players who have no professional pride (but their pockets) must go! Shameless

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