Don’t wait for Liverpool to crack, because there’s no pressure on them

With Liverpool now topping the Premier League table, talk his turned to how Brendan Rodgers’ side might handle the pressure of being in contention for the title and whether nerves will have a detrimental effect on their form as May approaches.

Honestly, I don’t see how there’s any real pressure on Liverpool.

The team is playing with a wonderful freedom and energy at the moment, and maybe that’s because their targeted objective has already been achieved. Before the season started, everybody associated with the club would have been delighted with merely qualifying for the Champions League - that, for all intents and purposes, has already been banked and anything else is just a bonus.

Yes, in some ways there is a form of pressure, because Liverpool can almost reach out and touch the title, but in comparison to Chelsea and Manchester City it’s significantly less.

Look at the expectations at those clubs, look at what they’ve spent, and remember how the respective owners have treated managers who don’t deliver silverware: within that context, Liverpool have absolutely nothing to lose and nobody will think any the worse of Brendan Rodgers or his players if they fall just short.

It’s an ideal scenario because it’s a no-lose situation. This is a wonderful position to be in, because it equates to a free-shot without any consequences.

Manchester City and Chelsea will have clearly ‘failed’ if they don’t lift the trophy at the end of the year, but Liverpool have succeeded irrespective of what happens between now and May. Don’t underestimate that.

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