Enner Valencia & West Ham: Beware the false economy 9

West Ham have done some good business this Summer, but a lot of it feels quite risky.  Mauro Zarate is an enormously talented player - but one who has significant character issues, Aaron Cresswell is apparently very capable - but has no Premier League experience, and Diego Poyet supposedly has a very bright future ahead of him - yet is still in the embryonic stages of his career.

And now Enner Valencia, who Sam Allardyce is willing to pay £12m for.

What I’d want to know, is whether West Ham scouted this player prior to the World Cup.  Did they see him play in Mexico last season and just decide to make one final check on him in Brazil, or is this simply based on what he did in three games for his national side?

It’s not always the case that players create an impression of themselves at international tournaments and it’s a big generalisation to say that South Americans are particularly susceptible to transitionally problems when coming to England, but both of those problems are in-play here and £12m feels like a risky investment in someone who was never mentioned in connection with West Ham before the World Cup started.

Maybe he’ll be an unmitigated success and he’ll take the Premier League by storm - and, given that he can play both as a forward and a midfielder he certainly seems like a useful addition - but he didn’t leap off the page in Brazil and Allardyce’s eagerness to pay a lot of money for him feels a bit rash.

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