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Expecting Marco van Ginkel to be immediately relevant at Chelsea


Whenever Chelsea sign a developing player, there’s always the suspicion that he’ll have to wait a long time for a proper chance in the first-team. That’s not unfair: the club are very quick to send newly-acquired young talent out on long loan deals, and then simultaneously populate the starting-eleven with off-the peg stars.

Marco van Ginkel isn’t going to be another Kevin de Bruyne, Jeffrey Bruma, or Gael Kakuta though, and he’ll likely be very relevant to Chelsea next season.

One of the big advantages the young Dutchman has, is that he’s already physically-equipped to deal with the Premier League, and he has the kind of body shape which will make the transition relatively easy for him. On top of that, he’s has the playing attributes to be relevant to Jose Mourinho now, rather than in 2013/14.

In my opinion - and it may turn out to be incorrect - van Ginkel has been bought to be the long-term successor to Frank Lampard, and as such it would be hugely beneficial for him to train and play alongside the English midfielder as much as possible. Given Lampard’s age, the window of opportunity to do that is getting narrower by the day - and, in all likelihood, this will be his last season at Stamford Bridge. It’s a minor point in the context of van Ginkel’s long-term career, but having a season - or maybe two - with Lampard as some sort of role-model would be ideal, because that’s exactly the kind of player the Dutchman should be hoping to become.

Van Ginkel is already the finished product in terms of his long-range shooting and his habit of finding space in the penalty-box, but he must also learn how to use the ball in a Lampard-like way too. Having a good passing-range is one thing, but being able to use it within the frantic constraints of a Premier League midfield is quite another.

Loaning him out would essentially be redundant, because he has been bought to play a specific position and role at Chelsea. With a forward, wide-midfielder, or defender, the requirements from one side to another are relative similar, but Mourinho will want van Ginkel to learn early how to balance his general midfield responsibilities with his attacking instincts, and the Portuguese will need him to do it within the context of Chelsea’s structure.

Expect him to stay, and expect him to see some significant minutes on the pitch next season.

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  1. Aaron
    3 days ago

    “van Ginkel has been bought to be the long-term successor to Frank Lampard”

    If I was Nat Chalobah, I would be out the door

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