Forget Liverpool, Fabio Borini has a great situation at Sunderland

Fabio Borino spoke today about his hopes for the future and his belief that he can be of value to Liverpool next season.

“Liverpool need a bigger squad because you can’t play four competitions with the same 11 players.  But it is now down to the Liverpool point of view and their sporting director. It is not down to my words.

It depends on what Liverpool say. I can say anything definite now because anything is possible. There is a World Cup coming up so a lot depends on the national team and whether I am selected, then see what is happening.”

(Sky Sports)

Without over-stressing importance, he has been valuable to Sunderland this season and he has shown that he belongs in the Premier League.  That being said, wouldn’t there be more value in pursuing a permanent career in the North-East.

The situation at Liverpool has changed since Borini left and when his loan contract expires he’ll be returning to a Champions League club.  That’s an incentive for him to go back, of course, but is he really going to be a factor in that squad next season.  He was deemed surplus to requirements this year and with Brendan Rodgers likely to recruit heavily in the post-season it’s difficult to see how he’s going to get any closer to the first-team.

He’s performed to a high standard at The Stadium Of Light and he seems to have responded well to both Gus Poyet’s style of management and to the coaching staff at the club - so isn’t that a situation that would be worth preserving?  Especially so given that the talent-pool at Liverpool will see his playing-time drop dramatically next season.

Playing is everything and it’s the key to development, so maybe Borini needs to be honest with himself about what his level really is and temper his ambitions with a bit more realism.  Sunderland are a good club and, all things remaining equal, they should be very progressive under Poyet - starting in the Premier League is still more beneficial to his career than sitting on the bench in the Champions League.

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