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Following a flurry of speculation early yesterday morning, Newcastle felt compelled to release a statement confirming that John Carver would not be leaving his job and that the club’s only focus was on securing Premier League survival.

Incidentally, Newcastle are currently 11/2 to go down, with Burnley considered a hopeless case at 1/500, QPR an equally damned 1/250, and Sunderland and Hull at 4/6 and 41 respectively; for those curious, there’s more in this article explaining odds in general.

As part of yesterday’s statement, Newcastle claimed to have reached their decision on Carver after a frank dialogue between all parties.  Superficially that seems rational enough, but it’s difficult to understand what - if any - assurances could have been given during that meeting.

If it was September or October and Carver was pleading for more time, then that might be credible, but there are three games remaining, he appears - courtesy of his post-game outburst on Saturday - to have lost his dressing-room and, rather than there being any discernible sign of improvement in the team’s form, the performances have got progressive worse over the last two months.

So what was it that - presumably Lee Charnley and/or Mike Ashley - left that discussion knowing that they didn’t before?  What was Carver able to say that convinced them that, rather than having to rely on the failure of teams below them, he is capable of keeping the side’s fate in their own hands?

It makes no sense.

Equally, it’s hard to know how Carver could have mounted any kind of defence of his record without pointing an accusing an accusing finger at those to whom he owed his continued employment.  That would have been the least sincere mea culpa defence on record:

“This is my fault, but I deserve another chance because on the basis that you always knew that this job would be too big for me.”

Whatever…this club needs relegation. The fans don’t deserve it, but the ownership is owed a figurative punch in the face.



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  1. It is fairly obvious that Charnley after talks with McLaren knew that the only option was Carver. For weeks the papers have been saying that McLaren would take over and you can judge when Derby’s demise started was when the speculation started. There may have had to be some compensation to McLaren/Derby if he had agreed but apparently he told Charnley he wanted to stay at Derby for another season. So why after weeks and weeks why has McLaren now stated he wants to stay. Only he knows but to ask him in the first place Charnley must have had some idea he would agree. I know one thing. If McLaren ever had any idea of managing Newcastle, he has blown it.

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