Fulham: Both sides of the Ross McCormack coin 2


Fulham, supposedly, are on the verge of signing Leeds United forward Ross McCormack as they prepare for life in The Championship and some sources have the fee somewhere in the region of £10m.

Quite clearly, that is a staggering amount of money for that particular player and a lot of money for a club on parachute payments to be spending.  Additionally, Fulham have some very promising young talent in their squad and the assumption had been that both Moussa Dembele and Cauley Woodrow would feature heavily in Felix Magath’s side this season.

Possibly they will, but think about it like this:

- Ross McCormack is not worth £10m in Premier League terms, because he has nothing like that kind of value above the Championship.  However, if he can return anything like the 28 goals he scored for Leeds last season, that £10m will actually be money well spent - it’s a gamble, obviously, but sides looking to get out of The Championship need a goal-scorer.  The ends might justify the means.

- Kostas Mitroglou will almost certainly be leaving Fulham in the near future, and the revenue from that transfer will probably cover anything spent on McCormack.

- This is the one chance Fulham really have to spend their way out of the division - and it’s really only one position which requires significant investment.  With players like Mitroglou available to be sold, why not reinvest that revenue in ensuring that the club don’t become one of those relegated sides who become bogged-down in Championship life?

- Maybe it’s a good idea to take some of the pressure and expectation off Woodrow and Dembele?  Both are very talented, but both are raw enough to potentially struggle with the responsibility of having their club’s short-term future on their shoulders.  Fulham’s circumstances shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with how these players - and others, like Patrick Roberts - are brought on.  Youth has to be carefully cultivated and used responsibly, and so maybe adding McCormack is a way of ensuring that certain players’ development paths aren’t interfered with more than necessary.

It is big money, but then you have to contextualise that with how big the reward is here; immediate promotion is very important for Fulham and if McCormack can help - which he’s equipped to do - then £10m won’t really seem that significant.

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