Fulham rumoured to be circling cash sponge

The Premier League Owl

The Daily Express have taken a break from the wall-to-wall Diana conspiracy theories to float a bit of a rumour about Fulham and Andrey Arshavin.


The paper that nobody reads speculate that Arsenal will be prepared to let the Russian go in January to alleviate pressure on their wage bill. That part isn’t unbelievable, Arshavin has no discernible purpose at The Emirates and Arsene Wenger would probably carry him across Central London to give him to Martin Jol.

But this isn’t a move that would suit Fulham. Really, where would the value be in a player who would give three decent performances before phoning-in his contribution for the rest of the season and picking up his presumably exaggerated paycheque. Martin Jol should leave him well alone, and allow the winger to take his cash-harvesting tendencies back to Eastern Europe.

Of course Arshavin has quality, but his attitude is notoriously abysmal. Stay clear, and let another club make this mistake.

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1 Comment on "Fulham rumoured to be circling cash sponge"

  1. Well said. Add to that the 7 wingers they already have (It’s true! Count them) are all quite good. I can’t believe they stopped their live Diana feed for this crap!

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