Full of admiration for Leicester City’s Esteban Cambiasso


When Esteban Cambiasso moved to this country a year ago, a lot of people thought the same thing: here was a formerly great player seeking one last big contract before hanging up his boots for good.  That wasn’t unreasonable, either, because a player with the Argentine’s CV joining a club of Leicester City’s standing was an unlikely move.

We’ve seen this before and newly-promoted sides have, in the past, been cheated out of their newly-acquired affluence by the false-promise of names and reputations.

Cambiasso, however, has been a credit to his profession.

With him, it isn’t his literal contribution which has been impressive - although at times it very much has been - but his attitude.  Watch his body-language during Leicester’s matches and watch his reaction when they score goals.  He has won everything worth winning in European football and he has played with some of the finest players of this generation, but his commitment to Nigel Pearson’s side this season has been absolutely total.  Even when Leicester looked certain to be relegated, he was still encouraging the players around him and there was never even the slightest hint that he’d emotionally checked-out.

At times, he’s actually looked like a Leicester fan on the pitch and, while recognition for this recent renaissance should be shared evenly throughout the squad, Cambiasso has seemed like the emotional centre of everything that has happened at the King Power this year.

How can you not admire that?

He’s played in Champions League finals and World Cups, yet he carries himself like a journeyman who has spent his entire career waiting to get to the Premier League and who is now willing to sacrifice everything to stay there.

Physically, he may not quite be the monster that he once was, but, my goodness, what a professional.

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3 Comments on "Full of admiration for Leicester City’s Esteban Cambiasso"

  1. For all the money, and all their being treated like regular rules don’t apply to them, there are still professionals out there who play the game, because they love it, and because they can’t imagine that anything else could be as much fun.
    Argentina, Real Madrid, Inter, Leicester or even a kick around in the park, I imagine you’ll get the same fully engaged guy. You’re right, he’s credit to the business, and he should’ve gone to Spurs.

  2. Marlovian Fox | May 4, 2015 at 2:54 pm |

    “He’s magic you know-oh…..Esteban Cambiasso…”

    A wonderful combination of talent, professionalism and humility - thanks Esteban!!!

    Blues are staying up :-)

  3. Could not agree more. Regrettably he is one of very few older foreign players who is prepared to put in the amount of commitment he does. He has been a revelation not only in his play but the way he helps other players.

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