Glen Johnson, Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, and some preciousness

There really is nothing more fragile than a Premier League player’s ego.

Here’s Glen Johnson discussing why he ‘lost all respect’ for Jose Mourinho during his time at Chelsea:

“It was difficult for me under Jose at Chelsea because there was a moment when he said I deserved to play on merit,’ he recalls. ‘He said if I played well in the next game I would play the week after. I got man of the match so he couldn’t drop me.

Then in the next game he said the same thing and I got man of the match again. Then we had another game and after that Barcelona. I remember speaking to my agent and saying, “He won’t play me in this game because if I play well then he has to play me against Barcelona”, and I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

He didn’t play me in that game and from that moment I just lost it and thought, “Well, how am I meant to respect you now? It’s just finished.” (The Mail)

Can you hear yourself, Glen?

This is something that Johnson has obviously built up in his head and, almost ten years later, still hasn’t got over. During his time at Stamford Bridge, he wasn’t a good enough player to be selected in Barcelona-type matches, and he was still very much learning his trade as a right-back.

Liverpool are having a great season, Johnson has just returned from injury and has a World Cup to look forward to - so what’s the point of this? He sounds so childish and bitter.

“I’m my biggest critic and I don’t need to be told when I’m playing badly.

You don’t get 49 England caps, play in World Cups and European Championships, you don’t win the Premier League twice, the League Cup twice and the FA Cup if you can’t defend. It’s that simple. No disrespect, but you’d be in the Championship.”

It doesn’t sound like he is his own biggest critic, but it does seem as though he’s missing the irony of quoting his CV whilst still trashing the manager who helped him fill it out.

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