Goal of the season: Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) 1

Where’s the love for this goal?

All the Goal of the Season montages and polls are much of a muchness, and they all feature the same efforts - Rooney versus West Ham, Jonjo Shelvey versus Villa, Jack Wilshere against…whoever it was.

They were all great and all warrant inclusion, but it’s amazing that Christian Benteke’s overhead kick against Norwich City doesn’t on any of those lists.  It’s not from forty yards and it didn’t thunder into the net off the crossbar - the usual criteria for GOTS candidacy - but in terms of a demonstration of technical skill it’s a good as anything that happened all year.

There isn’t one particular aspect which makes this so remarkable, but rather it’s the entire sequence as a whole: the ability to hold off the defender, to track the flight of the ball, to get the chest control absolutely right for the set-up, and then the execution.  As a package it’s absolutely perfect - and think about how small the margin of error was?  If Benteke got any part of this even slightly wrong, then he wouldn’t have scored.

If this had been scored by a Rooney or a Suarez, nobody would ever have stopped talking about it.  Sensational…and criminally under-appreciated.

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