Harry Kane currently has no price to Tottenham


Sky Sports reported this morning that Manchester United hold an interest in Tottenham’s Harry Kane and are prepared to bid for him over the Summer.  Whether that’s true or not is highly-debatable, given that Sky source work grows more questionable by the week, but it won’t stop the discussions over how much Kane is actually worth and how big a fee Spurs’ fans would need to dissuade them from full-scale mutiny.

And there’s a simple answer to that: there isn’t one.

Currently, there is no package that could be put together that would vindicate the sale of Harry Kane.  Manchester United could break the British transfer record to sign him and the outcry would still be deafening.

Evaluating the player’s literal value is relatively simple.  His past performances in the Premier League and his range of technical abilities adds up to a certain price and that, when matched with Manchester United’s needs at his position, totals his actual worth.

But this isn’t a footballing discussion.  Kane has an emotional significance to Tottenham’s fans and his departure, at this stage of his career, would do untold damage to the club’s general morale.

Think about what he represents to Tottenham: he is an academy product, he is their talisman and he is comfortably the side’s most unifying factor.  Over the course of last season, his rise to his current level has healed a lot of wounds at White Hart Lane and his development has brought a lot of supporters closer to the side.

What he signifies and the way he allows fans to feel about their club is arguably more important than what he actually is as a footballer.

Players like him are scarce.  Because football is such a bottom-line business now, the opportunity to blood academy graduates and to give them chances in the first-team are extremely rare.  That usually requires patience and the endurance of a learning curve - and, naturally, there are very few managers or chairmen who are willing to tolerate that process.

Kane may have been on the periphery of Tottenham’s squad for a long time, but his progression over the past eighteen months has been so dramatic that his inclusion in the first-eleven hasn’t necessitated the usual trade-off.  He was, within the blink of an eye, good enough to start, to score, and to win games almost single-handedly.

Clubs outside the top-four unfortunately have to accept that the most talented players will eventually migrate to the biggest clubs and, who knows, maybe one day that will apply to Kane too.  But to sell him now - after a single year - would decimate the Tottenham fanbase and over-accentuate a set of almost intolerable truths.

It would say that progress is nothing but a pipedream and that, even when a player is organically produced and governed by a fan’s loyalty, the club are still not able to capitalise fully on his ability

It would make an extremely blunt statement about the futility of Spurs’ situation.  Players have come and gone in the past and this club have had more talent ripped away from them than most, but Kane occupies a special place in Tottenham World and if he was to depart so quickly there would be no sum of money or replacement player that could, at this moment in time, compensate the fans for that loss.

This is a Wayne Gretzky/Edmonton Oilers situation: He represents too much, he occupies too special a place and, as such, a sale cannot be entertained at any point in the immediate future. He is Tottenham, he can’t go anywhere.

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9 Comments on "Harry Kane currently has no price to Tottenham"

  1. if Spurs can get a couple more players in, then there is hopefully no reason for players to want to move for a “better” chance of success, as we should be looking to being a serious challenger. I mean going to Man U these days ain’t the golden ticket it once was…

  2. Desmosedici69 | Jun 12, 2015 at 5:06 pm |

    How many times, in public, does Harry Kane have to say “I love Tottenham, i want to be here for a long time!” before idiots in the media will actually listen? This is all tabloid BS as usual just to keep up their sales, Harry ain’t going anywhere, especially not to Man U

  3. Pierre Sternegård | Jun 12, 2015 at 3:45 pm |

    Which was the last own player to emerge from ManU???

    ManU wishes it was Tottenham :) Funny how there are plenty of Spurs players they wish they had and no ManU player Spurs would like. Tells you where the future lies. Levy says 100m.. atleast

  4. This is typical of the arrogance of Manchester United. They seem incapable of bringing through their own players so their answer is to destabilise players they want from other clubs through the media. The Premier League need to initiate a rule where no part of the media is allowed to circulate rumours unless it is with express wishes of the player of if they are in the last year of their contract. To Manchester United any player is not a human being just a marketing object to buy or sell as they see fit. Ask Januzai.

  5. He is a true Spurs fan and wants to spend his career with the club, simple

  6. Spot on Mark, absolutely right. Spurs are building a young team capable of challenging for a PL top four place every season. Harry Kane has seen his career blossom at Spurs, and he is enjoying his football. His attitude is right, he is loved by the fans, and has recently signed an extended contract. We haven’t seen the best of him yet. He will continue to improve and, as the team is strengthened, by a handful of talented young players in key positions, Harry will improve his strike rate and fire us into the Champions League.

  7. capsharpe | Jun 12, 2015 at 2:46 pm |

    It would be suicide for Levy if he sold Kane and tried to justify the money Spurs may receive for him, in the minds of the supporters, he is priceless, his obvious passion during games especially against the Arse and Chelsea was obvious for any supporter to see. You only ever see that with young lads that grew up supporting a team, look at Gerrard and how much me meant to Liverpool’s supporters, the club would never have willingly sold him and Spurs need to show the same resolve. If Levy did sell, it would send one message to the rest of the footballing world, that we aren’t a serious challenge to the top 4 and profit will always come first.
    Selling Kane would not only demoralise the fans, it would have the same affect on the remaining players, sending them the same message, forget your dreams of going places with Spurs, money comes first.

  8. Mark Langton | Jun 12, 2015 at 2:24 pm |

    There is a huge difference with Kane compared to Bebatov, Bale and Modric, Kane does not want to leave Tottenham! The others did!

  9. To spurs he is priceless

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