Harry Kane: Vive Le Silliness

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England deserve failure, because we just can’t be trusted with success.

But maybe this is all just a ploy?

Maybe, if we celebrate louder and more prematurely than any other country, we won’t be able to hear the rest of the world laughing at us?

Harry Kane made his England debut last night and, fittingly given the trajectory of his season, he scored with his third touch.

Fantastic, what a wonderful story.  Kane is a humble player and a refreshing antidote to the entitled cliches who have populated the national side for the better part of a decade.  He shows no sign of affectation, only a genuine enthusiasm for playing the game.  It’s endearing in a child-like way and he naturally attracts a lot of goodwill.

By why does it have to go beyond that?

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The whole nation cheered as he forced a back-post header into the Lithuanian net and only the hardest of hearts didn’t enjoy his exuberant celebration next to the Wembley cornerflag.

Well done, Harry.

The problem is, that we’re not allowed to enjoy those moments anymore.  When something like that happens, it’s never allowed to linger and it has to be immediately followed be a ludicrous epilogue.

Maybe once upon a time, the coverage of a successful England debut would consist of a few pictures, some praise, and a verbal pat on the back.  Now, it’s instant madness.  Within twelve hours, Harry Kane’s first international goal morphed from being the realisation of a childhood dream into the starting point for something preposterously optimistic.

Look around you, read the coverage: overnight, Kane has become the new saviour.  His moment has passed, his goal has almost become an irrelevance - now we want to know what’s next.  Can he do this, can he do that?  Will he be the player who leads us to X, Y and Z?

It’s just not fair.  He’s owed his moment on the back-pages, but only in a way that’s pure: dissect the goal, interview him, talk about his amazing year, but leave the prophecies out of it.

This has happened time-and-again in the past, yet here we are once again, putting our full weight on an delicate, embryonic career.

Let today be about who he is, not what you want him to be.

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2 Comments on "Harry Kane: Vive Le Silliness"

  1. At the sensible level, yes, but you’re being a little naive. You’re talking about the most hyped product of all time. The Premier League and its acolytes on TV, radio and the print media are in permanent selling mode, (very successfully) and they haven’t had a story like Harry in living memory. I would be surprised if the football people around him can’t see the weaknesses in his game, and he seems the most willing of students, so he’ll get better from here, but for however long he stays in the EPL and plays to his current form (or more) he’s going to be part of that selling process.
    Something to think about is that Harry seems to have gotten better as he’s gotten more publicity, he’s thriving. Who knows, it may be a part of what makes him run.

  2. Keith Andrew | Mar 28, 2015 at 4:20 pm |

    I could not agree more just leave the boy alone and let him develop. We are all to ready to build people up put them on pedestals and then delight in kicking them down again. Harry has been a revelation this season and has confounded all those that doubted, and that includes me, but has proved me wrong. But this is only one season he has to move on from here and continue to develop but it is also the responsibility of Mo PO to help him develop as it is forDaniel to provide the cash to but a couple of real world class players to enhance the whole team.

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