Harry Redknapp and the England duty controversy: Vindication for The FA 2

Harry Redknapp, QPR manager

This, Harry Redknapp, is why you were never England manager.

“They’d come to me 10 days before the game and say ‘gaffer get me out of the game. I don’t want to play in it’.”


That’s Redknapp recalling how, during his time at Tottenham, certain England internationals tried to avoid having to go away on international duty.

This is the problem with Harry: either he speaks without thinking or he speaks without telling the truth.  Bringing this up now serves no real purpose and all it’s really done is the give the media vultures - who are already feasting on England and The FA - the opportunity to sustain a narrative that the entire country is already very bored of.

Whether this actually happened at Tottenham - and Redknapp’s record for honesty isn’t exactly 100% - it’s gifted England critics another stick with which they can flog the national team - notice, incidentally, how the reaction to this seems to be ‘what is it about England that is so unappealing’ rather than ‘who is this player and how absurdly unprofessional does someone have to be to behave like that’.

Interesting - and, if this is real, then it  isn’t difficult to work out who the player was.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t Jermain Defoe, it wouldn’t have been Michael Dawson or Ledley King, and it sure as hell wasn’t Tom Huddlestone or Jake Livermore.  Beyond that list, there are very few possibilities.

Redknapp is a problem; he creates too many soundbytes, he’s too reliable a source of information for the media, and he enjoys visibility and controversy far more than an England manager ever should - if anyone is still wondering why The FA chose Roy Hodgson back in 2012, then this little incident should help answer that question.

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