Has Luis Suarez’s Liverpool value really suffered over the last 24 hours? 1

There’s no introduction necessary, because the whole world saw Luis Suarez doing what he did yesterday and there can be absolutely no debate about any of it.

So let’s get straight into it:

There’s a school of thought now which suggests that Suarez’s character could have an impact on his transfer value and that his latest bout of ridiculous behaviour will deter the clubs rumoured to be pursuing him this Summer (Real Madrid/Barcelona).

While it would be wonderful to believe that players were held properly accountable for their actions, that really isn’t the case at the very top of the game and the morality within football has dissipated to a point where goals, points, and trophies trump everything else.

Think back to last season and recall some of the articles which were being written about him; because he was scoring goals and because Liverpool were doing well as a result, journalists were falling over each other to write ‘redemption’ pieces and odes to his new found self-control.

That footballing ability and moral fibre are independent of one another didn’t matter, Suarez was perceived as a better person purely because of a sustained period of rich form.  He was still diving, he was still cheating and he was still writhing in faux-agony half-a-dozen times a game, but that was all airbrushed for the sake of the redemption narrative.

So why does anybody expect anything different this time?  Are were prepared to forgive a player who bites an opponent twice but not three times?  Come on, the moment he starts scoring goals the focus will once again shift.

And the transfer-market works in much the same way.  Neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona are going to be ending their interest in him because of what happened yesterday, just as Liverpool are not going to actively try to sell Suarez  as a reaction to that Italy game.

He racially abused another player - everyone moved on/pretended he didn’t do it.  He bit a player during a Premier League game - we were talking about his rehabilitation within months.  The game doesn’t really care about how badly a player behaves, because his value and appeal is determined only by what kind of impact he can have a on a league season or a cup run.

If Barcelona wanted him on Monday, then they’ll still want him now and still be prepared to pay the same amount of money to get him.

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