‘Head-turning’ time for Liverpool and Adam Lallana 2


Adam Lallana’s World Cup commitments - which are now set to come to an end - have subdued the stories about his Southampton future for the last two weeks, but the Liverpool Echo runs a story this morning claiming that Brendan Rodgers isn’t done with his pursuit of the attacking-midfielder.

Supposedly - and we are reliant on hearsay for this information - Liverpool have already had £20m and £25m bids for Lallana rejected, and surely that was the point at which everyone at the club realised that there is no value to be had with this player at the moment.

Of course, Liverpool have a recent history of over-paying for British players, but it seems inconceivable that they would view anything above £25m as a sensible bid for a player of Lallana’s abilities - sure, he’s an elegant player and he’s proved he can be very effective within the Premier League, but for that kind of fee you would want someone special rather than just someone who is very ‘effective’.

Southampton’s stance has been inflexible with Lallana, and Executive Director Les Reed has reinforced that this week following the arrival of new manager Ronald Koeman:

“Lallana’s been here long  enough, we’ve brought him  to this level and we feel that  perhaps he should give it a  little bit longer.

Anybody seriously  considering coming for our  players are going to have to  think very significantly  about the size of the fee.

If we do take money it  will be because it’s the right  amount and it enables us to  improve the team and move  forward.

I hope the (managerial)  announcement will prick up  a few ears and they will  think that’s a good, positive  move from the club. If  players leave, it will be  because we believe it is  right for the club.”

So what happens next?

At a guess, I’d say Liverpool will maintain their public interest in order to encourage Lallana to start playing a part in this process.  By all accounts he wants to move to Anfield, and Liverpool - wary of paying a ridiculous fee for him - will presumably now try to use that desire against Southampton.  That sounds terrible, but it’s unfortunately how the transfer system works now - turning the heads of players is a legitimate means of trying to apply downward pressure to an asking price.

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