How Manchester United will look next season and discussing their new signings 0

Ander Herrera has been confirmed as a Manchester United player and, by all accounts, Luke Shaw will follow him in the very near future.

In all likelihood, United till continue their spending after the World Cup, but here’s a preliminary look at how they might line-up for next season:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 12.15.31

There are a couple of caveats to that formation:

- We don’t really know how Louis Van Gaal will set the side out, so that structure is clearly subject to change.

- Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling are evidently not going to be the starting centre-back pairing once the Summer spending is complete.

- Adnan Janujaz is a starting candidate, so potentially swap him with Shinji Kagawa.

- Luke Shaw will probably not go straight into this line-up, because £31.5m transfer-fee or not he’s still not a particularly reliable defender.  In time that will change and his defending will improve with experience, but don’t be surprised to see Patrice Evra preferred initially.

Ander Herrera has been signed specifically because he’s such a good two-way player; he’s neither an attacking or defensive-minded footballer and as such he’s the perfect-fit for the intermediatory position which exists in modern three-man midfields.

Luke Shaw is an enormous talent but he is still a theory; he’s already an aggressive attacking full-back with a wonderfully elegant long-stride, but his game remains flecked with moments of naivety when not in possession.  Ignoring that mild negative, he would provide the side above with enough width on the left to allow a more centre-focused player to be used ahead of him.  Shaw would allow Van Gaal to play a Shinji Kagawa-type on the left-hand side without significantly narrowing the pitch and without making the side easier to defend against.

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