Jurgen Damm, Chelsea, and a familiar pattern 1

Mexican club Pachuca confirmed today that Chelsea are pursuing their 21 year-old winger Jurgen Damm.  The club’s president, Andres Fassi, has had this to say:

“Chelsea are the club interested, but we have to see how much they are interested, we can’t go ahead of ourselves, we have to wait and see.
When it comes to us, it’s a matter of sporting project. We want him to stay and we will see how much Chelsea are interested.

There is a belief they arrive in Mexico on Thursday to talk with us.

In principle we have a sporting plan for Jurgen and we hope he stays, but if something comes up from abroad, we have to take it into account and if it’s serious, we have to respond, we will have news in the next 48 hours.”


Not being an aficionado of Mexican football, I’m not in a place to comment on Damm’s ability or potential, but there’s some low quality video at the bottom of the page for those interested - it’s probably best to skip the first minute or two if you’re not a Spanish speaker.  He has a lovely languid style and seems to have a lot of pace - beyond that, who knows.

This is a classic example of Chelsea’s strategy to combat Financial Fair Play: buy young, attacking players, loan them out, watch them appreciate in value, and then make a decision on whether to use them in the first team or sell them at a profit.  In this age of B-team propositions and fears over the state of the national team, one could argue that it’s quite a cynical approach and that the buying and flipping of talent is counter to the spirit of the game, but the sport is a business now and Chelsea are actually being very smart.

Look at the transfer revenue they’ve recouped in the last eighteen-months alone - that’s a complete validation of the strategy, and ultimately it’s what will allow them to acquire Diego Costa and, possibly, Cesc Fabregas this Summer.

It’s not enough to be rich anymore, you have to have a mechanism which allows you to use those resources whilst remaining inside UEFA’s parameters.

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